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Pope Passenger Terminal

Space A Information

Rec: Comm: 910-394-6525 РDSN: 424-6525  Р Pax: 910-394-6527 or 6528 РDSN 424-6527 or 6528  Р Fax: 910-394-6526 РDSN 424-6526

Email: popespacea@pope.af.mil

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No box flight meals are available

Some of

Pope AMC Gram page 1Pope AMC Gram page 2

 their destinations are: Charleston, Dover, McChord, McGuire, Milwaukee and Travis. There is some rare overseas travel.

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Ft. Bragg gate


Billet РCarolina Inn: +1-910-394-4131  DSN: 424

IHG Army Hotels Normandy House & Carolina Inn, IHG Army Hotels Forrestal Hall & Delmont House, IHG Army Hotels Moon Hall (Bldg. D-3601), IHG Army Hotels Hardy Hall (Bldg. D-3705)

Yellow Pages РHotels & Motels РFayetteville, Southern Pines

About Careers РTemporary Lodging: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

PCS Lodging, Roadside America, Ocean View Lodging

Hotel Guides РFayetteville, Spring Lake, Southern Pines

Military Hotels, Air Force Inns, KOA Campgrounds

Yahoo Local Lodging in: Fayetteville, Spring Lake, Southern Pines

Hotels.com, Trip Advisor РFayetteville, Hotel Planner

Bring Fido РPet Friendly Hotels, Pets Welcome.com, The Happy Camper Club

Fayetteville Bed & Breakfast, Visit Fayetteville РThe Family Lodge Apartments

Good Sam’s Club – RV Parks & Campgrounds,¬†El Monte RV – RV and Campgrounds

Military Living – North Carolina Temporary Military Lodging

Free Hotel Coupons

Fort-Bragg Commissary
Fort-Bragg Commissary

Restaurants & Night Life

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Visit Downtown Fayetteville

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Woodland Park Playground
Woodland Park Playground

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Camp Mackall entrance


Enterprise Car Rental is located on base at the 24 Hr Mini Mall (910) 436-5200

Fort Bragg Post Shuttle Schedule //// Phone: 396-4497/1992/432-4497

The shuttle bus is FREE of charge and available to all. It connects with the Fayetteville city bus at Butner Gate Access Control Point. All City buses charge so make sure you have exact change to pay your fare.

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Fort Bragg - 1st Brigade barracks
Fort Bragg – 1st Brigade barracks

Medical & Dental

Yellow Pages РFayetteville РMedical Centers, Dentists

About Careers РMedical Care: Pope Field, Ft. Bragg

TRICARE, Fayetteville VA Medical Center

Womack Army Medical Center  (Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday | 0830-1600
Saturday-Sunday | Closed)

Fayetteville Family Medical Care

Day and Night Family Dental, Dentists.com РNorth Carolina

Yelp Health & Medical РFayetteville, Southern Pines, Spring Lake

Military.com Base Guide – Health Care (Pope Field)

Military Installations (Pope): Special Needs/Health Care, Health Care

Military Installations (Ft. Bragg): Special Needs/Health Care, Health Care

Fort Bragg location


About Careers Location/Driving Directions: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

Shop My Exchange, Ft. Bragg MWR

Ft. Bragg Commissary North, Ft. Bragg Commissary South

My Base Guide (Fort Bragg)

Military Installations Directions: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

Visit Fayetteville – Fort Bragg & Pope Field

Play Across America – Woodland Park Playground

Fayetteville/Cumberland Parks & Recreation

Virtual Tourist Travel Guide

A-7D Pope Field

Military Organizations

384 Maynard Street 
Pope Field NC 28308-2374 
Hours: 0900 Р1500, Monday РFriday 
Phone: 910-394-1950 
E-mail: rao@pope.af.mil  


Fort Bragg –¬†Location: 1st floor, Bldg. 4-2843, Soldier Support Center, Normandy Drive
Phone: 396-5304/8591 or 1-800-535-6067
Fax: 396-3747

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday | 0900-1600 by appt. only

Military.com Base Guide РVets & Retirees: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

Yellow Pages РFayetteville РVeterans & Military Organizations, Government Offices

Retired Military Association of North Carolina Facebook

Ft. Bragg Retiree Services Office, Inside Pope Field, Fort Bragg

Pope Field РUSAF 317th Vet (History) (lots of pictures here)

NC Department of Military & Veterans Affairs

Ft. Bragg РID Card and DEERS Office, Ft. Bragg Passport/Visa Office

Pope Field Retiree Activites Office Facebook

USO РNorth Carolina, Vet Friends РNorth Carolina

AAFES - Ft. Bragg
AAFES – Ft. Bragg

Phone Numbers

 About Careers Main Phone Numbers: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

 DoD Housing Network  Base/Post Directory: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

US Military Bases.us: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

Base Directory: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

Ft. Bragg Contact Us Important Numbers

Area Connect (Fort Bragg), My Base Guide РFort Bragg Directory

Military.com Base Guide РBase Directory: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

Military Installations РInstallation Contacts: Pope Field, Fort Bragg

Mackall AAF airfield
Mackall AAF airfield

Excellent Links

Ft. Bragg American Red Cross

Pope AAF ATM Locations: Pope Express, 803 Armistead Street & Flight Line, Bldg. 415 Surveyor Street

Fort Bragg ATM Locations:¬†1st BCT DFAC, Bldg. 1725, Bastogne Drive –¬†2nd BCT DFAC, Bldg. C-9453, Los Banos and Gruber Streets –¬†3rd BCT DFAC, Bldg. A-3556, Butner Road –¬†82nd ABN, Old Branch, Bldg. C-5437, Tullidge and Bastogne Streets –¬†108th ADA DFAC, Bldg. X-3429, Air Defense Loop –¬†Butner Road Express, Bldg. A-3587, Butner Road –¬†Airborne PX, Bldg. C-5934, Ardennes and Eindhoven Streets –¬†Car Wash, Bldg. C-1220, Long and Gruber Streets –¬†Honeycutt Road and Watson Street (old COSCOM area) –¬†JSOC, Bldg. 3-2847 –¬†Mallonee Express, at Mallonee Plaza, Butner and Souter Streets –¬†Mini Mall, Bldg. 4-2171, Reilly Road –¬†North Post Commissary, Bldg. 8-5476A, Butner and Souter Streets –¬†Patriot Express, Bldg. F-1231, Gruber Road –¬†Pines Express/Class VI, Bldg. 2-2650, by the South Post PX –¬†Range 19 Training Facility, Bldg. 0-1900, Lamont Road –¬†Smoke Bomb Hill, Bldg. H-4401, Corner of Reilly and Gruber Streets –¬†Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, 1st floor, Normandy Drive –¬†South Post PX/Commissary Complex¬†Womack Army Medical Center, 4-2131 Reilly Street

Military Installations РPope Field: Fast Facts, Installation Overview, Emergency Assistance

Military Installations Fort Bragg: Fast Facts, Installation Overview, Emergency Assistance

All Military Bases in North Carolina

DoD Housing Network (good information)

City of Fayetteville, City of Southern Pines, City of Spring Lake

Xoom, Western Union, Money Gram

Greeting from Ft. Bragg