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Current Patriot Express (PE) Schedules 

The information below reflects the “normal” routes and schedules.

Seattle International (Seatac) AMC terminal PE routes:

Misawa AB, Japan and Osan AB, Korea (Sundays)

Yokota AB, Japan and Osan AB, Korea (Tuesdays)

Yokota AB, Japan, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, and Kadena AB, Japan (Thursdays)

Andersen AFB, Guam, Kadena AB, Japan (1x or 2x month on Thursdays)

Baltimore Washington International (BWI) AMC Terminal PE routes (all flights are weekly):

Ramstein AB, Germany  (Tuesdays)

Thule AB, Greenland** (Wednesdays)

McGuire AFB, New Jersey (Fridays)

Ramstein AB, Germany and Incirlik AB, Turkey* (Sundays)

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Naval Station Norfolk PE routes:

Guantanamo Bay NS, Cuba** (2x month on Tuesdays)

NAVSTA Rota, Spain; Sigonella NAS, Italy; Bahrain NSA**; Djibouti, Africa*** (2x month on Wednesdays – Roll Call is usually late Tuesday night.)

NAVSTA Rota, Spain; Naples NSA, Italy; Souda Bay NSA, Greece; Bahrain NSA**; Diego Garcia NSF* (2x month on Tuesdays. This route alternates each week with the Sigonella route.)

Travis Air Force Base PE:

Travis has a PE to JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam 2 – 4 times per month. This flight rotates back to Travis, but the JB PHH passenger terminal does not post a PE schedule.

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Yokota AB also has a contract commercial flight to Paya Lebar, Singapore three times per week, but it is not officially a Patriot Express.

*Access limited to duty personnel stationed in that location
**Access limited to duty personnel and sponsored guests
***No Space-A passengers allowed

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If you see anything that is wrong, have suggestions or if you know of some pertinent information that is not listed, please leave it in a comment for me.  Links change and/or are deleted at times.  Please let me know if one of these does not work correctly.  I would like to keep this site as up to date and as complete as possible.  That will be much easier, and faster if people that have actually been to the places assist me in doing so.  A link for me to check would be nice, but if you just ‘know’ something about a place I will do the research and find the best link/links to post. 

Disclaimer:  I do not personally endorse any of these links, they are just here to try to help you make your trip as smooth as possible.  If you utilize any of these links please tell me your opinion, good or bad.  If you know of a link that has helped you a lot, please let me know about it also.  Thank you.


  1. Dave Starr on 09 Nov 21 at 0638

    Testing comments here

    • UJ on 09 Nov 21 at 1922

      Working. I hope no one else is having a problem. I’ve got some new things in the works and there may be some hiccups.

  2. John on 07 Aug 18 at 1637

    I’m a permanently retired Vet that is trying to fly back to Texas and getting to Guam commercial. My blue retiree card was confiscated back in Texas the day before I left San Antonio because it expired the month before. I didn’t realize they could expire but it did when I was taken off temporary Disabled and placed on Permanent status.

    Is there a RAPIDS facility at Guam where I could have the id replaced and is it necessary for Space A if I have the VA documentation and the papers from Lackland that were given to me when the MPs took it?

    • UJ on 10 Aug 18 at 1013

      When they confiscated your card, couldn’t you have gone to pass & id to get a new one? It doesn’t take very long.
      Guam does have a pass & Id. I’ve been there to get my wife’s ID card renewed. They were very efficient. As far as traveling Space A with the documentation, I never heard of that. You might want to contact a passenger terminal, preferably the one you want to travel from, and ask them. To the best of my knowledge, an ID card is required.

  3. Elaine on 05 Nov 17 at 2238

    Needing to get to maintain home afb in Idaho, anyone know an easy way to hop there or is it even doable??

    • UJ on 05 Nov 17 at 2310

      Where are you coming from? Check this page to see which bases fly to Mountain Home AFB ID the most: http://www.msatfdd.com/Mountain%20Home.htm. Of course a lot of other information about the area around Mountain Home can be found on THIS website: https://ujspaceainfo.com/category/idaho/. I don’t remember too many flights to Mountain Home. Maybe going to Travis or McChord would be a better choice? They both have many more incoming and outgoing flights.

  4. Tracey Kennedy on 09 May 17 at 0427

    Can you add militarycruisedeals.com – we get really good deals there and they are great with military families!

  5. Kamya Johnson on 14 Mar 17 at 0115

    Hi thank you for such valuable information. One question how do I get update (or like the page so I can see it I my Facebook feed especially the one click compilation of spaceA worldwide travel site.)
    Also what additional requirement would I need if to go to guam? Ie special visa request if so through whom would I submit such request. Once again. Thank you for such valuable information

    • UJ on 14 Mar 17 at 0742

      Your welcome for the information. Please let others know about it. To go to Guam on Space A, all you need is your military ID card, just like any Space A flight in the CONUS. However most people bring their passports in case the flight gets diverted in flight. It’s a small chance, but carrying the small passport could avoid a big problem if you get diverted to another country without it.
      As for the first question, are you talking about this link: https://www.facebook.com/lists/339134236155498?__mref=message_bubble? If so, there should be a ‘*’ to the right of the title. Click on the little down arrow and select “Follow”.

  6. Bud Snavely on 24 Jun 15 at 2127

    UJ, great site, you might want to look at my site, http://www.unclebud.net, go to the favorites page and you’ll see a lot of links to space-a and lodging information. Not as pretty as your site but I try to keep it up to date.

    • UJ on 24 Jun 15 at 2145

      Thanks for checking out the site. It does take a lot of work to get it looking good. I actually hope to be improving it starting next week. I checked out your site. Not too much there that I don’t already have someplace mixed in my blog. I did see 2 links I liked a lot and I will be incorporating them into my blog. The Campground one (which I’ve seen before, but forgot to bookmark it) and the New Sanno Hotel. That one I’ve heard of but have not seen that site before. I see a few phone #’s that I might need to make note of also. But that’s what I do, I check out other sites and see what I have and don’t have compared to theirs. Nice to see someone else so passionate about Space A.

  7. Sheryl on 21 Jun 15 at 2317

    I do not recommend flying space a out of Rota I have been stuck here now for a week to go back to the east coat the only getting out is Cat 1,2 or 3 anything after that is not leaving.

    • UJ on 22 Jun 15 at 0014

      It summer time and the children are out of school. It’s a bad time to travel Space A below at Cat 3. It is a well known fact and is preached consistently in all our groups.

    • Tim duncan on 04 Mar 18 at 2352

      Hey there did y’all get out? There are other choices

      • UJ on 05 Mar 18 at 1356

        Get out from where? What other choices?

  8. Jerry Guest on 17 Jun 15 at 0956

    I travel Space frequently and the information that you provide is very, very useful… Thank you so much for your interest, time and effort. This is GREAT!!

    • UJ on 17 Jun 15 at 1014

      You’re welcome Jerry. Please fill free to spread it around to as many Space A travelers as you want. Believe it or not, I’m working on making it even better. My goal is to have the best Space A information on the internet all in one (or 2) spots.

  9. George Delano on 16 Jun 15 at 0817

    Hi All,
    Retired Army planning on trying to fly out of Westover AFB in aug 8th or so, Any one know anything at all about what to expect there would be great. Also Does anyone know how often there are flights going into Westover from Ramstein for the trip home on the 25th.aug. Thanks. I usually try for departure out of Dover, but westover is only 2 hours from the house.

    • UJ on 16 Jun 15 at 0903

      Howdy George. Those all are questions that, unless someone has experienced it a lot, need to be addressed to the passenger service people. Only 2 hours to Westover, that would be great if you can get the flights, but of course Dover has plenty of flights. They are so busy they are one of the few terminals that are still open 24/7. Be safe and good luck with all your travel adventures.

      • George Delano on 16 Jun 15 at 2037

        Thanks UJ. Yes I have been thinking about Dover since I’ve always flown out of there. The hours I’m trying to save in driving could be a bad experience for our Vacation. The other thing was, the flights back into Westover are probably not as often or as many going into Dover. I’m thinking Dover is a better Chance of to and from even if it is the worst time to try to get cat #6.

  10. Hugh McElrath on 11 Jun 15 at 1008

    Great site! I am interested in taking a hang-glider to Europe. It folds into a wheeled case 6’6″ long and weighs about 65 pounds (harness, helmet, instruments separate). Can I take it Space-A? I’m an eligible retiree. There used to be something called “opportune lift” on Military Sealift Command – I know a guy who shipped a large sailboat that way…

    • UJ on 11 Jun 15 at 1043

      Sorry I don’t know for sure about that. However if you join our free forum you can ask over 25,000 members at the same time. I’m sure someone there would know that answer. Here is the link for that: https://www.facebook.com/groups/325711150854371/

  11. thomas kellum on 11 Jun 15 at 0001

    I think what have done alread is great.i retied usn on 8/93.retied military is the lows on the list To get out. The airfore inn doesn’t work with us if we have to lay over.i know i just try to get to germany.when to bwi.there 3 days.an when to dover for a week.an back to the one in wash/balitmore area.my name just kept going down on the list.

  12. Bill Medbery on 09 Jun 15 at 2352

    We live in Ocean Shores, Washington and would love to stay in other parts of the world and do a house swap or whatever with other military people staying abroad can we reach out through this site

    • UJ on 09 Jun 15 at 2356

      You know I have heard a little about housing swapping. I will try to figure out something to get more information on that. Please keep checking here and also let me know if you (or anyone else reading this comment) find out anything. That’s intriguing. I could never do it, but I know others don’t mind.

      • Bill Medbery on 10 Jun 15 at 1003

        I know there are retires and veterans, like yourself, that live abroad. We would love to check out different locations and house swapping seems like a good idea. I trust my fellow vets!

        • UJ on 10 Jun 15 at 1027

          I’ve got that thing about house/apartment swapping on my plate. The plate is crowded at the moment and I’m retired, so I take my time.
          It’s an interesting idea though that I didn’t think of. Like I said, I wouldn’t do it, but I know others would. I hope to get a forum for Space A travelers to communicate with one another to talk about such things. You could ask at the Space A forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/325711150854371/ to see if anyone there is interested.

        • UJ on 13 Jun 15 at 1258

          Going with what you said here, I have started a new group called UJ Space A House Swap. It already has a few members and getting a decent response so far. I hope for it to grow. If you (or anyone reading this) wants to join AND you are already a member of our Space A Travelers of the USA forum, let me know and I’ll get the link to you. I will check all requests to make sure you are part of that forum as that is the best way I know to try to keep it ALL Space A travelers (although I’m sure some will slip through).

          • Bill Medbery on 13 Jun 15 at 2038

            Thanks for the work you have put into the house swap forum. I would love to be part of it. Thanks.

          • UJ on 13 Jun 15 at 2218

            Your idea, I’m just running with it. To join just go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1606733432915657/ and request to join. I’m getting ready to sign off for the evening, but if you are there now an request, I’ll approve it now.

          • UJ on 13 Jun 15 at 2222

            Oh, you’re already there. Okay. I’ll sign off for the evening.

  13. Bill Medbery on 09 Jun 15 at 2228

    When I first retired we did in fact do space A and had a great time. Then life got in the way. We are now back where we were and want to give space A another go. My greatest problem is expense? We used to stay on base for $20 or sometimes $30. Now bases have upped their prices and use the excuse that they are competitive with down town? I am retired. I do not find the BX or Commissary down town and how does my retirement pay compare with down town?

    • UJ on 09 Jun 15 at 2239

      Bill I’m not really sure of the question you’re asking me. That last statement is not clear to me. I’d love to answer you, but I don’t want to ramble about something that isn’t answering the question you are asking. You are right about billeting raising their prices though. I think they just recently raised them to $60 per night. I have not done it, but there are also Fam Camps at a lot of the bases for your RV and even some camping sites, all on base. I don’t know the prices, but it’s something to check into.
      I am retired too, but I live in the Philippines. I’ve been retired since 1993. I don’t worry too much about food prices and there is no AAFES or Commissary here. I did notice that a lot of items in the Commissary and BX were not that much different than downtown prices. Some are better, you just have to figure out which ones are. It also depends on the area you live in how the prices compare with each other.
      Does that even come close to answering what you wanted to know? If not, please ask again, wording it a little different.

      • Bill Medbery on 10 Jun 15 at 0959

        I am so sorry, some of that was just me venting. I truly do love your sight and the amount of work you have put into it. I want to do space A and I am not concerned about that. I am concerned where I stay once I get there. Thanks again.

  14. frank jackson on 09 Jun 15 at 1133

    what a great piece of work. thanks so much for your efforts.

    • UJ on 09 Jun 15 at 1734

      Thanks Frank. If you have any suggestions on things that need to added or if you see something wrong, please let me know.
      On another note … you have the same name as my grandfather and uncle did. I don’t suppose your middle name is “Thomas”?

  15. Tracy Faulkner on 06 Jun 15 at 2111

    dont know how to use but need to learn do I can travel the world. Just want to do something that gives me the rush like the Navy did.

    • UJ on 06 Jun 15 at 2115

      Read under my General Information/Category links and check out some of the links on the front page. If you still have questions about how Space A works, just ask.

    • Augusto A Garcia on 09 Jun 15 at 1130

      Going on vac to Europe one wat ticket on a way back I would like to use space A coming back to state which airport is nice to hop in

      • UJ on 09 Jun 15 at 1152

        I would say that Ramstein Germany is the best for returning to the US. Rota Spain is not so bad either.

  16. richard curtis on 04 Jun 15 at 2258

    This stuff is just so good….

    If I werent so busy in retirement
    I would volunteer for this….

  17. howard wardell on 22 Apr 15 at 0857

    Thx so much for all your hard work providing such great information for us spacea travelers.

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