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Please join my Facebook Groups & Pages to communicate with each other and share/gain knowledge.


UJ Space A Info –  The group associated with this blog.  Feel free to leave comments and ask questions here also.  I often put extra topics in this group that are not on the main site.

UJ Space A Traveling Club – This group I started because some people were showing interest in traveling with others to have company, share expenses and share experiences.

UJ Space A House Swap/Lodging Available – I got the idea for this group from a house swap site I saw. I figured I’d make one for Space A travelers only.  I added the Lodging Available in later for people that have rentals (or better yet, free) places for fellow Space-A travelers.

Retired Military Living on Military Bases – This group I did not start.  I joined it because I was interested in it.  I volunteered to be an Admin since I have experience.  Turns out that all the other Admins had to quit for one reason or another.  Now I’m the main Admin.


UJ Space A Info (Facebook) – The Page associated with this blog.  It gets extra topics that are not on the main site. Comments and questions can also be left here.

UJ Space A Info  (Spreely) Something new I’m trying.  It’s a social media like Facebook.  I hope it catches on.

UJ Space A Info (Twitter) Retired military trying to help others learn to travel via Space-A.

For all the following Pages click on the “Learn More” button at the site, you can get the full effect of these pages.  You could also click the link in the pinned post to get there.  Please ask/comment in the appropriate Time Zone.  Also in the Pinned Posts, you will see all the places in that zone, plus you will find links to Space A forums and Facebooks (if they have one).

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