Other Space A Blogs and Groups


Space A Travlers of USA – (The 1st “e” is left off on purpose).  We have over 250 Worldwide Forums. Get your Space A Questions Answered by other Seasoned Travelers.

Poppin’ Smoke – Where can Your Military Retirement Benefits Take You.  Although the Overall Site is Geared Towards Retirees, this Blog has the Best Overview of how Space A Works that I’ve Seen.  

Retired Military Space-A TravelersIn MeWe. The purpose of this group is to share information and experience, answer questions, and support and encourage  each other to be successful traveling space-a as retirees (Category 6).

Space A Maps – Lots of Space A links to Lots of Space A Places.  It’s Hard to Pinpoint and Exact Theme here.  He has Information about a Variety of Things.

Uncle Bud – SPATS Travel Consultant.  Make Every Trip an Adventure. Operated by a retired CMSgt.

Military Spouse –  Simplifying your Crazy, Wonderful Military Life. The Space A Guide for Beginners.