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Space-A Signup

Normally when I sign up I will send 1 e-mail to multiple locations.  I send to whichever bases I think I ‘might’ be passing through.  I do this because it’s easier to print this e-mail and bring it with me.  I bring the e-mail with me because for some reason I might not be in the system.  Sometimes things get hectic and they miss your message.  With the copy I bring (hard copy or electronic copy) they will put me in the system as of the date of the e-mail I sent.  I have had this happen to me a couple of times and I know others it has happened to.  If you don’t use some of the bases that you applied to, no harm and no foul.  Your name will simply fall off the list at the end of the 45 or 60 days, whichever is the case for the location you sent it to.

Take A

AMC Form 140 (Fillable) (pdf) Just fill it out and fax it.

AMC Travel Site Space-A E-mail Signup

Space-A Information

UJ Space-A Info (this blog) Space-A General Information and Categories – Basic information about Space-A in case you don’t have time to read the longer explanations on other sites.  Also breaks down who is in each travel category.

AMC Official Travel Site 

AMC Official FAQs

Quickstart Guide to Military Space-A Flights

AMC Patriot Express (PE) Brochure (pdf)

Virtual Roll Call Explained (pdf)

Space-A 10

Military Guide – Tips for Flying Space-A the Navy Way

Extensive Guide to Space-A Travel (PDF)

Video: FYI: Space-A Travel Categories (3:17) FAQs Space-A Basics

Space Regulations, Forms & Letters

BaseOps Military Space Available Travel

Poppin’ Smoke – How to Use Facebook to Plan Space-A Flights

Poppin’ Smoke – Space-A Packing List – What to Wear and Bring on a Military HOP

Poppin’ Smoke – How to Choose the Best Sleeping Pad for Space-A

Poppin’ Smoke – Packing for Long Term Travel