Good afternoon sir,
Thank you so much for reaching out to Homestead ARB. The flights that we have in and out of the base are mainly for reservists. We don’t have a passenger terminal. You can reach out to base operations for more information at 786-415-7072.
From 482FW/PA
Question: I was wondering about Space A from/to Homestead. Does it exist? If so, what is the contact information? Thanks!
Answer: Good morning John… we don’t have space-A here, but our lodging does offer space-A rooms. If that’s something you’re interested in checking out you can contact them at 1-888-235-6343 FREE. Have a great day!

So 2 kind of different answers to my question. I guess we’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

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Space A Information

AMC Passenger Terminal: DSN: 791-7516  Commercial: +1-305-224-7516

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482 FW/CVR 12829 Elmendorf St., Bldg 343, Box 1 Homestead ARB FL 33039-1299 Hours: 1000 – 1430, Tuesday & Thursday Phone: 786-415-7580 email:



Billet: 305-224-7168 Lodging,n,homestead%20air%20force%20base%20(historical),lat,25.4883,lon,-80.3836.cfm

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