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Contains information for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, transportation, base facilities, phone numbers, attractions, Space A contacts and lots of other information for every Space A location in the world.

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I was born on a rocky top in Tennessee. I kilt me a bear …. Whoa! Wait a minute. That was a couple of life times ago. The 20th century me was born in Connecticut, but I have been very firmly replanted in Texas. I am married to a Filipina and have been married to the same one since April 1980. We have 1 son and 4 grandsons. No granddaughters. We moved to the Philippines in May 2010 and plan to stay here until we are not living anymore. We will have frequent visits back to Texas though. In fact, starting in 2017, we plan to be visiting many places in the world. My wife longs to see Paris and I want to see the rest of Europe, especially Venice. The only professional sport I follow is the NFL and my favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. I like to listen to country music and oldies (late 60’s to early 80’s). Beside my computer and my blog, I like the Empire Builder series games, dominoes and some selective video games. I am retired from the US Air Force and I retired in October 1993. My favorite actor is John Wayne. My favorite singer is Hank Williams Jr. My favorite singing duo is Heart. My favorite singing group is The Eagles. My favorite food is Tex-Mex, followed closely by a nice steak (medium well).

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  1. We’re interested in Space Available travel in Colorado. Can you email me with information on how to get started. We’re hoping to fly to VA around the end of March.
    email: rbke56@gmail.com
    phone: 805-674-7777
    Beverly & Alan Johnson

  2. I finally got my 100% SC after 45 years and i am trying to make sense of the Space A program.

    I actually used it once when in the Army –My Senior medic and i flew to Thailand from March AFB—

    My question is: Will I be able to fly to any place in the world or is it only CONUS for me since I/m not a retiree?.

  3. John I was reading a post you made in CAT.VI RETIREES-Space A about your site for your UJSPACEAINFO.com Alabama & your answer to a person asking for info of the best terminal to use to get to Aviano & your responce to look up the list of most common destination or originating locations. That got me thinking I should be looking that info up for myself & checking a few bases in a few states but was unable to locate any list posted Can you tell me is there a site or post that would have a list of bases with this info About how many bases have the info avalable

    1. I know of 2 sites right off-hand. One is a paysite, but you can get the information you are seeking for free. It is https://militaryliving.com/space-a/. Just click on the location you want and then the particular base. It usually shows that information on that page, if there is information to show. The other one is free, but it doesn’t show all the bases. https://spacea10.blogspot.com/2012/10/jax-to-baltimore-shuttle.html. There is another one, but I can’t see to locate it right now. It might have been discontinued.
      Oh wow! I just found one that I didn’t even know about. If you go to this page and click on the name of the base, it has a spot for Originating, Common Destinations and Nearest Terminal, plus other information. It also seems to not be complete, but it’s pretty good. I’ll be referencing this one from now on also. http://spacea.flights/?page=locations.

    2. Of course, you can always look at this site. I have a lot of them already and am in the processing of updating it all now. Here you also have plenty of other information that you would need to plan a trip.

  4. Leaving in a few days to Manila from Bangkok, any Hotels in Manila that you would recommend??

    1. Sorry, nothing first-hand. I don’t frequent Manila. It’s too crowded, noisy and dirty for me.

  5. Grissom ARB, IN PAX SPACE A phone# COMM. 765.688.2861, fax 765.688.3643

  6. Please email me at jimmynkeller@yahoo.com as I was with you and your wife on 24 Sept 2017 at Travis AFB going to Kelly Field waiting on plane to deaprt. Just want to get in touch with you and find out more. Thanks Hope you made it to Kelly or did they finally cancel the flight?

    1. We did make it out. It would have been too late for you though to get to your final destination in time. You made the right call in leaving early.

    1. Sure I can do that. If I’m ever in Hawaii and need a tour, I’ll look you up.

  7. Vance AFB, OK some comm. phone numbers have incorrect prefix 233, should be 213

  8. Can you please remove the phone numbers for Sheppard AFB. We do not participate in Space A travel. Please contact me if there are any issues. Jennifer Dahlstrom 940-676-7674.

  9. Hyperdia.com is a great website for transit information in Japan. You can get it in both English and Japanese.

    1. Thank you. I see it’s also in Chinese if you want. I’ll be adding that to this site.

  10. I have a bunch more. If you want, I’ll send you several when you are ready to start the new site. Just let me know. I have traveled extensively in Europe and flown space a probably 10 times.

  11. John, I noticed that you left out Camp Darby form your Italy Bases. Camp Darby is about 8 miles south of Pisa and 65 miles west of Florence. A great little base with commissary, PX, Army Lodge and MWR cabins. If arriving by airplane, they will even pick you up at the airport for about $10. Rental cars are also available there. Here are some links: http://www.usag.livorno.army.mil/ http://darby.armymwr.com/europe/darby/ This is a great, little known base. Even has a seafront resort nearby.

    1. Do they have Space A flights going in to it? This site only has the Space A bases. However I’ll be working on another site soon with, I hope, ALL the bases. I’ll keep this handy because I have not even heard of Camp Darby. Thanks for the info.

      1. No problem. Thanks for making this website. No they do not have any flights but it is a great little known base with all the facilities of a large base and in the heart of Tuscany.

        1. That was a couple of great little websites you sent me. Those 2 will definitely make my blog when I get it going.

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