Alice SpringsAlice Springs RAAF  –  the third largest town in the Northern TerritoryAustralia. Popularly known as “the Alice” or simply “Alice”, Alice Springs is situated in the geographic center of Australia near the southern border of the Northern Territory.  “Alice” in the English language was named by surveyor W. W. Mills after Lady Alice Todd (née Alice Gillam Bell), wife of Sir Charles Todd. Alice Springs has a population of 24,208, which makes up 11.4 percent of the territory’s population.

Richmond RAAF – Is located within the City of Hawkesbury in the north-western fringe of Sydney, New South Wales.  One of Australia’s oldest and largest air force bases. The base is home to the Royal Australian Air Force‘s transport headquarters, Air Lift Group, and its major operational formations, Nos. 84 and 86 Wings. The main aircraft type operated at the base is the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.  It is situated between the towns of Windsor and Richmond.


List of all Australian Military Bases



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    1. It’s good to show this in print like this. I know it’s in those resources you mentioned, but seeing it typed out may be better to see. Sorry it took so long to answer this. I have been without internet for the past 6 days. Hopefully, I’m up for awhile now.

  1. You writing well but there are some important Australian city and state missing in your text. Like New South Wall(NSW)is a very important state of Australia. If you can edit this post and put more info. These info is good but not enough, I think. Thanks anyway

    1. This blog is only for the locations in Australia that have military Space-A locations. Besides Richmond and Alice Springs, I believe there is another location in Darwin, but other than that I know of no other. Do they have military Space-A in NSW? If so, please send me a website to confirm.

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