Souda BaySouda Bay Naval Station (Crete) – is a bay and natural harbor near the town of Souda on the NW coast of the Greek island of Crete. The bay is about 15 km long and only 2 to 4 km wide and a deep natural harbor. It is formed between the Akrotiri peninsula and Cape Drapano and runs west to east. The bay is overlooked on both sides by hills, with a relatively low and narrow isthmus in the west near Chania. It is a popular tourist destination although there are no real public beaches due to the presence of the naval base.


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  1. Ramon Nazareno on 04 Jun 16 at 0114

    We stayed at Alianthos Beach Hotel (Apr 2016) in Plakias (Crete), approx 1 hr drive from Souda Bay. Hotel is right across from the beach, very good rates (includes breakfast and dinner for 2). Check their website for current rate, best if you get there outside of peak tourist season.

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