36th WingAndersen Air Force Base – is a USAF base located approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) NE of Yigo near Agafo Gumas in the US territory of Guam.  The host unit is the 36th Wing (36 WG), assigned to the Pacific Air Forces Thirteenth Air Force. A non-flying wing, the 36 WG’s mission is to provide support to deployed air and space forces of USAF and foreign air forces to Andersen, and to support tenant units assigned to the base.  Andersen AFB was established in 1944 as North Field and is named for Brigadier General James Roy Andersen (1904–1945).

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  1. I retired and am living in Los Angeles and I am trying to get to Guam. My thought process is to buy a one way to the bay area so I can get to Travis, but from there how would I know about the flights to guam? Do they fly out every couple of days? I really don’t want to be stuck up there for weeks waiting for a flight.

    1. Travis AFB most likely is your best option, you’re correct. I don’t know how often they fly to Guam (Andersen), but you can check their schedule. They do have a flight heading to Guam on Friday (31 May), but they are only projecting 2 seats. You can also call them and ask how often. Maybe they have a regular scheduled flight or 2 per week. They do fly to Andersen on a pretty regular basis, I just don’t know what time of the week/month. On this website there is a list of the phone numbers and which bases they fly to the most often and which bases fly to them the most often. Also there is tons of other information about Travis. The link to their Passenger Terminal is under the Facebook section. In fact, according to the Andersen AB page, Travis AFB is the base that flies to them the most. Let me know if you can’t figure it out or if you have any further questions.

  2. How difficult is it to get a SOFA stamped approval to Atsugi NAS Japan.
    I just want to visit and return to Hawaii. I did some research online but
    negative results.

    Dave Gogue
    Retired USCG

    1. Okay. This is what I could find out, so far. There are no immigration facilities at Atsugi. As a result, non-SOFA travelers (i.e. retirees, Japanese passport holders, and dependents not stationed in Japan or otherwise not accompanied by their active duty sponsor) cannot Space-A to/from Atsugi. You must enter Japan through an authorized location. To depart Atsugi via Space-A one has to clear Immigrations at Yokohama (exit clearance is supposedly good for 48 hrs). SOFA travelers (stationed in Japan) should be able to Space-A to/from Atsugi.
      Travelers arriving in Atsugi after hours should consider staying for the night, unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from staying otherwise. Make sure to make billeting reservations ahead of time.
      This information found at:

    2. Okay. Found something else that suggests it’s possible. Take a look at this PDF: Also this page: Here is something else, but it is the same thing as the PDF:, easier to read though.
      All this information I found by Googling it.

  3. I’m retired U.S Navy and my wife is from the Philippines we want to fly space a from Clark to Guam do she need a visa to visit Guam? Our plans is to travel when our daughter is out of school in April. We would like to visit for about a week and fly back to the Philippine commercial.

    1. She is from the Philippines, but is she a US citizen with a US passport? Going to Guam is just like going to any other US location. There are only a few flights from Clark to Guam on Space A. You might be better off just buying round trip from the Philippines. Cebu Pacific has good prices, just buy early. The most recent sales for Cebu Pacific:
      If your wife is still a Philippines citizen then she will need a visa. Here is a page on how to apply for the visa:
      Here is some information on contacting Clark for the flight schedule: OPTIONS FOR SIGNING UP FOR SPACE-A

      1. E-Mail to

      2. sign-up on the website @

      3. Sign-up in person at the Haribon Terminal located at Clark Field

      NOTE: You may only use one of the options above to sign up. You cannot
      sign-up over the phone or through Text message.


      0920-970-5030/0999-887-1648 DURING

      A free Facebook group for Clark:

      Local information at Andersen AB Guam, don’t forget to look on this blog for the information.

  4. Will be on leave in march and am wondering how easy it is to catch s space a flight back out to Texas will depart in april

    1. From Guam? You should probably get to Travis from Andersen and look for a flight to Kelly in San Antonio. That’s how my wife and I usually do it from the Philippines. If for some reason no flights are available and you don’t want to wait, CALL Southwest Airlines and ask for the military rate/discount. It’s a good discount, but you have to CALL them for it, you can not get it online.

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