Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam  –  is a US military facility adjacent to Honolulu, Hawaii. Pearl Harbor is 8 miles from downtown Honolulu.  It is an amalgamation of the USAF Hickam AFB and the US Navy NB Pearl Harbor, which were merged in 2010.  As part of Pacific Air Forces, the US Air Force 15th Wing provides strategic and tactical airlift capability to PACAF and Air Mobility Command operating the C-17 Globemaster III. It also enhances PACAF’s power and reach operating the F-22 Raptor.


Kaneohe Bay  – Located on the windward side of Oahu, approximately 12 miles (19 km) northeast of Honolulu.  The base lies between the two largest windward O’ahu communities of Kailua and Kāne’ohe, and the main gate is reached at the eastern end of Interstate H-3. Formerly MCAS, Kaneohe Bay and originally NAt Kaneohe Bay, is a U.S. Marine Corps base facility and air station located on the Mokapu Peninsula of windward O’ahu in the City & County of Honolulu.


Hawaii to Hawaii – Air Miles/Ground Miles

Hickam AFB to Kaneohe Bay MCAS 21/13, Pearl Harbor 21/1

Kaneohe Bay MCAS to Pearl Harbor 30/13

All Hawaii Military Bases

(with Interactive Map)

National Guard Units 


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  1. I just successfully traveled to Hawaii with my wife and 3 kids on Space A travel. It is the best benefit that I have ever used as a retired Marine. We flew on a C-40 out of NAS North Island on a Monday (120 seats) and returned to Travis AFB on a KC10 (65 seats). The process was very easy but a bit stressful as you try to plan a trip with very little notice. While in Hawaii we stayed at Navy Lodge North Island, Hale Koa on Waikiki, Navy Lodge on Pearl Harbor, Kilauea Military Camp on Big Island Hawaii. All were about $100 per night and slept all 5 of us very comfortably. Feel free to email me at mhvillar@cox.com for the gouge. We saved at least $3000 on our trip and had a great time. It can be done!

  2. My husband (retired Army) and I are trying to plan a trip from Fort Worth, TX to Hawaii. We are wanting to leave around 09/15/2018 and return around 10/15/2018. Is there any information you can give us on planning this trip please?

    1. Well it’s way too far in advance to plan for the flight. Schedules are only put out 72 hours in advance. However you can monitor the Fort Worth schedule to see when/if they do fly there. You can call too. They do fly to North Island CA and North Island flies to Hawaii pretty often. I think Travis AFB, up around the Sacramento area flies to Hawaii the most.
      Here is our Facebook group for Ft. Worth: https://www.facebook.com/groups/400179756706672/
      This link: http://www.msatfdd.com/Worth.htm : lists where bases *usually* fly. They are listed in order of occurrence. As you can see, Ft. Worth flies to North Island the most and they do sometimes fly to Hickam and Kaneohe Bay HI.
      Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

  3. HI. I would like some help planning a Space A trip. I live in Virginia and would like to go to Hawaii with my family of 3. l Currently we are active duty. Can you help?

    1. Yes I can help some, but it ultimately depends on when you are going and what flights are available. Although at times there are flights to Hickam AFB HI from Jacksonville, Oceana, Norfolk and Andrews, the most likely situation you need would be to get to either Travis AFB CA or North Island NAS CA. Both those places, especially Travis AFB, have the most flights to Hawaii. Now being Cat 3 (active duty) is helpful because you are in a higher category, but the sponsor must be on leave before you can sign up. That shouldn’t be a problem though. Traveling during the summer could take longer because a lot of people want to go to Hawaii then and the kids are out of school. Getting a flight from the east coast and being manifested all the way to Hawaii is the best way to go. Otherwise when you got to Travis/North Island, you would have to compete for a flight again, but again, being a Cat 3 is very helpful. Checking this site under Hawaii is also beneficial to have your lodging and maybe even transportation set for you when you arrive. If you get a flight from the east coast you can do that early because you’d know the approximate arrival time in Hawaii. If from the west coast, then it’d be best to wait until you got there to make those reservations.
      Okay, is that good? Anymore questions, because I’ll be happy to try to help in anyway that I can.

  4. my daughter n law had to fly home for a family emergency. She and her 2 small children. She needs to catch a ride back to hawaii where they are stationed. do you have flights going to hawaii?

    1. Flights from where to Hawaii? Is she military or dependent? It’s not enough information to give you an accurate answer. Also WE do not have flights. This is just a website to help plan a Space A trip. If you give me more information, I can point you in the right direction for sure.

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