66th ABGHanscom Air Force Base – is a United States Air Force base located predominantly within Bedford, Massachusetts, with portions extending into the adjoining towns of LincolnConcord and Lexington. The facility is adjacent to Hanscom Field which provides general aviation and charter service.  It is a non-flying base.


439th AWWestover Air Reserve Base –  is an AFRC installation located in the Massachusetts communities of Chicopee and Ludlow, near the city of Springfield, Massachusetts. It hosts the largest Air Reserve Base in the world in terms of area.  Named for Maj. General Oscar Westover who was commanding officer of the Army Air Corps in the 1930s. Westover was killed on 21 Sept 1938. crashing his high-speed Northrop A-17AS at Lockheed Aircraft’s air field. Host unit is the 439th Airlift Wing (439 AW) of the Twenty-Second Air Force (22 AF), Air Force Reserve Command.

Massachusetts to Massachusetts – Air Miles/Ground Miles

Hanscom AFB to Westover ARB 88/67 

All Massachusetts Military Bases

(with Interactive Map)

National Guard Units


4 thoughts on “Massachusetts”

  1. curious as to where in the states the Massachusetts bases fly to and also internationally where do they fly to?.

    1. If you will go to the website and look under Space-A Information you will see the most common places where both the MA bases fly.

  2. Comment : Hanscom is near Bedford, MA, not New Bedford, MA. New Bedford is a different part of the state.

    1. I went back to double check and it seems you are correct. I have never been there and was only copying information that I found online. I also see that Hanscom is a “non-flying” base. I’ll have to look more into the base. Thanks for letting me know.

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