FallonFallon Naval Air Station –  is the United States Navy‘s premier air-to-air and air-to-ground training facility. It is located southeast of the city of Fallon in western Nevada in the United States. Since 1996, it has been home to the Naval Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN), and the surrounding area contains 84,000 acres (34,000 ha) of bombing and electronic warfare ranges.   The base is named Van Voorhis Field in honor of Lieutenant Bruce Van Voorhis (1908-1943) who was awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor.   


57th WingNellis Air Force Base – is a southern Nevada installation with military schools and more squadrons than any other USAF base. Nellis is the airbase for air combat exercises such as Red Flag and close air support exercises such as Green Flag-West flown in “Military Operations Area (MOA) airspace” associated with the nearby Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR).  The base is named for William Harrell Nellis (March 8, 1916 – December 27, 1944) was a United States fighter pilot who flew 70 World War II combat missions.


152nd AWReno-Tahoe Iinternational Airport/Air National Guard – is a civil-military airport 3 miles (6 km) SE of downtown Reno, in Washoe CountyNevada.  It is the 2nd busiest commercial airport in Nevada after McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.  The Nevada Air National Guard has the 152nd Airlift Wing SW of the airport’s main terminal.  Reno Air’s first flight was on July 1, 1992 and its last flight was August 30, 1999.  The passenger terminal is named after the late US Senator Howard Cannon.

Nevada to Nevada – Air Miles/Ground Miles

Fallon NAS to Nellis AFB 393/297, Reno-Tahoe IAP 72/56

Nellis AFB to Reno-Tahoe IAP 453/342 

All Nevada Military Bases

(with Interactive Map)

National Guard Units




  1. Rob on 11 Mar 23 at 2023

    Anyone on here that has had success with Space A at Fallon? Also after scouring the web it seems the only way to find out about Space A schedules at Fallon is to routinely call. Is anyone aware of a better way to get schedule information for Fallon, perhaps online? Or a recorded message with upcoming schedules?

    • UJ on 09 May 23 at 0705

      Right. There is no flight recording for Fallon. You must call them. Also when you do find out about a flight (they are rare) to sign up you must do so in person or via fax. Fax: +1-775-426-3482.

  2. Jerry L Conners on 29 Aug 18 at 0640

    On August 13, 2018, the president signed the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law. Although the NDAA is primarily a legislative vehicle for the Department of Defense (DoD), it contains several provisions that pertain to service disabled veterans and their families, including several that address DAV policy priorities, such as:
    Space-available travel on DoD aircraft for veterans with service-connected disabilities rated as permanent and total. Veterans who are service-connected permanent and total are eligible to fly on military aircraft, space permitting. This provision can be found under Section 624 of the NDAA and is in accord with DAV Resolution No. 274.

    I am a veteran with service-connected disabilities rated permanent and total. I would like to fly Space A from Reno to Offutt Air Force Base but want to fly on any flights, including the local flying area. Am I now permitted to fly aboard your DOD aircraft?

    • UJ on 29 Aug 18 at 1011

      This is the bill to which you are referring: Here is the first story I saw on that a few weeks ago: I have not read into this new policy. However, I can tell you that if you have the same Space-A rights as the other Cat VI travelers then you are allowed to ride ALL DOD aircraft. Just remember that you still have to sign up and anyone in the Categories 1-5, even if they are walk-ins and you’ve been on the list for 50 days, still get priority. We all learn to live with that. Here are a couple more links to things you might want to check out: and It’s best to talk to a passenger terminal for information like this probably. Also remember that being 100% disabled, depending on why, there may be some aircrafts that you cannot board. A C5 for instance has many outside steps or maybe an inside ladder to climb. I don’t know for sure, but I believe that someone counted the step for the outside “Stairway to Heaven” to get on the C5, and they counted 37 steps. My wife has a difficult time climbing them, but she loves the ride.
      As for flying from Reno to Offutt, you will need to be sure that Reno does fly to Offutt. I don’t know if they do or not, but I will give you the link to our Reno Space A group where you can find the contact information and also ask more questions about the Reno location. Of course you can always find the information on the Reno page of this blog also and I will always answer your questions to the best of my ability. In the group though you could also get the expertise of other travelers.
      That’s a lot of information without really answering your question, but I hope it’s enough for you to find a site that will get that answer for you.

  3. Sheila Risi on 26 Jun 18 at 2155

    Can I fly space a as a dependent without my beneficiary? From Fallon or reno to vegas?

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