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914th AWNiagara Falls International Airport/Air Reserve Base – is an Air Mobility Command military installation adjacent to Niagara Falls International Airport, New York, 4.7 miles (7.6 km) east-northeast of Niagara Falls, New York. The station is the last USAF installation in the state, the host unit is the 914th Airlift Wing of Air Force Reserve Command, and the station’s Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft are shared by the wing’s 328th Airlift Squadron and the NY ANG 107th Airlift Wing.  


105th AW
Stewart-Newburgh International Airport/Air National Guard – is the home of the 105th Airlift Wing (105 AW), an Air Mobility Command (AMC)-gained unit of the New York Air National Guard and “host” wing for the installation. The former Stewart AFB is also known as Newburgh-Stewart IAP and Stewart International Airport, while the military portion of this now-joint civil-military airport is known as Stewart ANG Base. The base is named in honor of 19th century Scottish-born sea captain, Lachlan Stewart, and his son, who donated the land it now occupies.


109th AW
Stratton Air National Guard – has hosted the New York Air National Guard 109th Airlift Wing (in various designations) since 1949. The base is named after conservative Democratic US Representative Sam Stratton, who represented the Albany area. Stratton ANGB hosts the NY ANG 109th Airlift Wing. The wing is unique as it is the only USAF unit equipped with 10 ski-equipped C-130 Hercules aircraft, and provides the nation’s only air cargo lift capability to polar destinations.


New York to New York – Air Miles/Ground Miles

Niagara Falls ANG to Stewart-Newburgh ANG 371/272, Stratton ANG 289/255

Stewart-Newburgh ANG to Stratton ANG 109/94


All New York Military Bases

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New York

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  1. My Name is Donice Noelle Smith ( MSG-E8/) Ret
    I am trying to sign up Space A for flying from New York to
    West Coast to either

    1. Jt base Lewis/McCORD AF Base ( WA )
    2. Travis AF Base Fair field ( CA )
    3. Beale AF Base Marysville (CA )

    1. You do not sign up here. You sign up at the passenger terminal(s) you want to travel from. Your best bet from your area to CA will most likely be from JB McGuire in NJ. They travel to McChord AFB WA and Travis AFB CA. In fact they have a flight on the 24th: You really need to learn about Space A first if you plan to use it. Since you are retired, please sign up for this free group, answer the questions and you’ll be allowed in quickly. You can ask your questions there and there are many people to answer for you. You need certain information to sign up via e-mail. When you get the information (via the group), here is the McGuire e-mail (although it is already in the McGuire group I sent you):

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