1. Lawrence Abel COL/Ret on 23 Dec 15 at 0619

    Is there any way of seeing Space A flights out of Campbell or Louisville ANG/IAP?

    • UJ on 23 Dec 15 at 0947

      Sorry no. Neither of them have an online schedule. Maybe they don’t have enough flights to bother with doing the schedule. In addition to the information here on this site, there is the forum to join to get first hand experience from other travelers. The link is under “Facebook Forum” on this blog or just ask and I’ll supply the link(s) here in the comments. The contact information for each Space A location is in the banner picture of each forum and, of course, under “Space A Information” on this blog. I’m afraid that, at this time, it’s the only way to get the Space A information unless someone else puts a scheduled flight in the forum, which does happen on occasion, just nothing on a regular basis.

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