New River MCAS Jacksonville NC 28540

Marine Corps Air Station New River is a United States Marine Corps helicopter and tilt-rotor base in Jacksonville, North Carolina, in the eastern part of the state. In 1972, the airfield was named McCutcheon Field for Brigadier General Keith B. McCutcheon, one of the fathers of Marine Corps helicopter aviation. Near Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, it shares some facilities with Camp Geiger.  The base was originally 29 parcels of land, a simple stretch of tobacco farm that was purchased for $64,502 in 1941. Officials at Camp Lejeune investigated the area in search of an existing airfield for hosting aircraft in support of amphibious operations. Capt. Barnett Robinson, a member of Marine Glider Group 71, concluded in his search that the farmland would suit the Marine Corps’ needs.


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Space A Information

Primarily a Helo base but has some other traffic.

MCAS New River Base Operator – (910) 451-1113

There is no space A program at MCAS New River

I couldn’t find a # for Space A.  If you know of one or find out, please let me know.



Retiree Activities

Retiree Affairs – (910) 449-5255  –  Veterans Affairs – (910) 449-6963



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(910) 451-7744
84 Holcomb Blvd, Camp LeJeune NC
Yellow Cab Co
(910) 353-1111
140 Ellis Blvd, Jaxksonville NC
Wilmington International Airport (ILM)
(910) 341-4333
1740 Airport Blvd Ste 12, Wilmington NC


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