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There are several Space-A flight opportunities to NS Guantanamo Bay. There is a Navy Lodge and restaurants and great beaches at GITMO so check to see if there indeed Space-A seats available.  Access is closed except requires sponsorship by someone at NS Guantanamo Bay in order to travel as a visitor/guest.  A Base Entry Clearance is required to travel Space-A to Guantanamo Bay.  The clearance is only good for the dates specified on the form, usually no longer than 30 days at a time. You can reapply for a new Entry Clearance for each trip.  At the present time (March 2015) the POC at GITMO in case you know someone on the island:

Physical Security Officer
Naval Station Guantanamo Bay
PSC 1005 BOX 60
FPO AE 09593
Office: 011-5399-4505
DSN: 660-4505
Cell: 011-5399-55222
NIPR: [email protected]
SIPR: [email protected]

Passenger Terminal  E-mail: [email protected]

Counter – Comm: 011-5399-6305/6199/ 6408/6204/6364/6388/6397
DSN: 660-6305/6199/6408/ 6204/6364/6388/6397
Fax – Comm: 011-5399-6170   –   DSN: 660-6170
Common Destinations: NAS Jacksonville, Florida, Baltimore- Washington International Airport (BWI), Maryland, Navy/AMC Air Terminal Norfolk, Virginia


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Restaurants & Night Life


The Goat Locker, located on Marine Hill is for Chief Petty Officers and civilian equivalents only. Music, television, darts, a large patio, and snacks are available.

The Acey/Duecy Club is located in the Windjammer Club and is open to all E-5’s and E-6’s and civilian equivalents only. Music, television, darts, a large patio, and snacks are available.

Rick’s Lounge, located in the Bayview, is for officers and civilian equivalents only and features pool tables, darts, and DJ music.

The Windjammer All Hands Club is the place to be for pool, darts, DJ music, and special events such as tournaments, theme nights, and Bingo.

The Tiki Bar is an All Hands outdoor bar located behind the Bayview Club. Listen to some rhythmic Caribbean sounds with a cool breeze and refreshing tropical beverage.


Bayview Dining Room is an All Hands dining facility open for dinner. The relaxing restaurant allows residents to have menu items. Thursday nights enjoy Mongolian Barbecue on the patio overlooking the bay. Brunch is available on Sundays.

The Rusty Anchor is located inside the Bowling Center and offers branded food concepts Kentucky Fried Chicken Express and A&W All American Food Express.

The Jerk House, located between the Tiki Bar and the transient enlisted quarters, cooks Jerk chicken or pork on an outdoor grill. With plenty of space to relax while dining, the Jerk House offers great Caribbean food!

The Windjammer Cafe offers lunch and dinner specials, and a menu of sandwiches, Pizza Hut pizza, and soup and salad bar.

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