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Iwakuni Space A Forum

Iwakuni Space A Forum


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Space A Forum

MCAS Iwakuni Official Facebook 

DW 11 at MCAS Iwakuni sometime in 1977

DW 11 at MCAS Iwakuni sometime in 1977



Space A Information/Data eGram

Pax: DSN 315-253-5509, Comm: 81-6117-53-5509  –  Rec:  DSN 315-253-1854  –  Comm: 81-6117-53-1854

If unable to access a military network, please see our Facebook page; “Iwakuni Passenger Terminal” (Iwakuni Passenger Terminal) or call the Air Terminal at DSN: 253-5509; commercial phone number within Japan: 0827-79-5509; or commercial telephone from the U S A: 011-81-827-79-5509. You may also fax a Space-A sign-up form to DSN: 253-4294; Japan: 0827-79-4294; U S A: 011-81-827-79-4294. Mail to: MCAS Iwakuni Logistics Department, Air Transportation Division, PSC 561 Box 1872 FPO, AP 96310-0019, Attn: Passenger Services–SPACE-A

Iwakuni airport shares runway with U.S. military base

Suggest avoiding “Golden Week”, basically the first week of May.  Everyone in Japan has vacation. Lines longer than normal. 

Space A.net – Iwakuni

Iwakuni – Space A Travel

Iwakuni Patriot Express

Data eGram (Note: To view this Data eGram you must be in our free group.  Join here: Space A Forum

Cherry blossom with Mount Fuji

Cherry blossom with Mount Fuji

Iwakuni Castle

Iwakuni Castle


Hotels/Motels/B&B/Hostels/RV Parks/Campgrounds

Billet: 81-287-79-3181/5409 Monzen and Nishiki Lodges

Inns of the Corps Iwakuni
Building Number 444 and 1188
Phone from USA: 011-81-827-79-3221
DSN: 253-3221
Fax: 011-81-827-79-4861

*For changes to your reservation please contact our Manager, Vivian Yamamoto Email: [email protected].

**Monzen & Nishiki Lodges only**

TAD travelers must contact the TDY/TAD Kintai Inn before being able to make reservations at the TLF. A Non-Availability letter must be provided by the Kintai Inn in order for the TAD traveler to stay at the TLF. Kintai Inn Phone: 011-81-827-79-3181. Due to space restrictions the TLF cannot accommodate PCS express shipments or boxes for storage in the guest rooms.

DoD Lodging

Travel Weekly – Area Hotels

Japan Hotels and Ryokan Search

Trip AdvisorTravel Age WestVirtual Tourist

Lonely Planet Hotels, Hostels & Accommodations

Military Living – Japan Temporary Military Lodging




USMC Life – Off Base Dining Guide

JNTO Japanese Restaurant Search

Gurunavi – IwakuniYamaguchi

Trip AdvisorTaiken Japan (Indian Food)

Ramen Restaurants in Iwakuni Facebook

OOCities – Eating Out – On and Off Base

Iwakuni FoodieIwakuni Foodie Facebook

Facebook Pages (unofficial) CampangeSako’s

Kintai Bridge, a famous sightseeing spot in Iwakuni

Kintai Bridge, a famous sightseeing spot in Iwakuni

Kintai Bridge night view with Cherry Blossoms


Attractions/Things to Do

Trip AdvisorVirtual Tourist

Japan Guide – IwakuniIntentional Travelers

MCCS Recreation-Leisure and TravelCamping in Japan

Jcastle – Guide to Japanese Castle

Japan National Tourism Organization – Iwakuni

Hiroshima Navigator – Recommend Touring Courses

F-18Ds VMFA(AW)-242 taking off from MCAS Iwakuni 2010

F-18Ds VMFA(AW)-242 taking off from MCAS Iwakuni 2010



Ground Transportation: Shuttle 7 days 0700-2200

Taxi service: On base only

Airports: NaritaKansai, HiroshimaFukuokaTokyo (Haneda)Iwakuni Kintaikyo (in Japanese)

Japan Guide – Iwakuni

Rental Cars 24HEuropcar

Get Rental CarTimes Car Rental

HyperdiaA Guide for Traveling Japan for Cheap with Higway Buses

Private Jet Charters – Jet ChartersParamount Business Jets

Twelve MV-22 Ospreys sit parked on the tarmac at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni here July 24, 2012, after being offloaded from the civilian freight ship, Green Ridge. This marks the first MV-22 Osprey aircraft deployment to Japan and a milestone in the Marine Corps' process of replacing CH-46E helicopters with the MV-22 Osprey, a highly-capable, tilt-rotor aircraft which combines the vertical capability of a helicopter with the speed and range of a fixed-wing aircraft.

Twelve MV-22 Ospreys sit parked on the tarmac at MCAS Iwakuni July 24, 2012.



US Naval Hospital – Iwakuni Branch

US Embassy – Medical Resources in Fukuoka Area

11th Dental Company

Medical Home Port, Branch Health Clinic Facebook

Military Installations – Health CareHealth Care/Special Needs


Inside Commissary

Inside Commissary


Maps, Guides and Base Facilities

Map Quest – Iwakuni

Military LivingPinterestUSA Military Benefits

Japan Visitor City GuideJapan National Tourism OrganizationJapan Guide

WikiTravelUSMC Life – Base GuideWikiVoyage

CommissaryExchange (MCX)

MCCS Iwakuni – 2015 Guide to Iwakuni (pdf)

Military Installations – DirectionsInternational Traveler

 F-51Ds 7 Sqn RAAF in maintenance at Iwakuni Airfield, June 1950

F-51Ds 7 Sqn RAAF in maintenance at Iwakuni Airfield, June 1950


Government/Military Organizations/Retiree Activities

Retiree Activities Office

Unit 5009
APO AP 96319-5009
Hours: 0900 – 1500, Monday – Friday
Phone: 011-81-176-77-4428
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Address: www.misawarao.org/ 

374 AW/CVR
Unit 55119
Bldg. 535
APO AP 96328-5078
Hours: 0900 – 1200, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday; 0900-1500 Wednesday
Phone: 011-81-425-2510 Ext 5-8324
E-mail: [email protected] 
Web Address:  www.yokota.af.mil/library/retireeactivities.asp
Facebook: www.facebook.com/raoyokotajapan

US Embassy – Tokyo

US Consulate – FukuokaNagoya (and American Center), OsakaSapporoNaha (Okinawa)

Military.com – Installation GuideMCAS Iwakuni Official SiteOutline of IwakuniStaff Judge Advocate Iwakuni

Silver Pavillion, Kyoto.

Silver Pavillion, Kyoto.

Scene from Iwakuni Friendship Day

Scene from Iwakuni Friendship Day


Phone Numbers

Telephone code for Japan is: 81
Telephone code for Iwakuni is: 0827
When calling from overseas dial: +81-827

Military Base.us

Base Directory

Official Site MCAS Iwakuni

Iwakuni DirectoryIwakuni Beacon

Military Installations – Installation Contacts




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