Dyess Air Force Base – is a United States Air Force base located approximately 7 miles (11 km) southwest of Abilene, Texas.  The host unit at Dyess is the 7th Bomb Wing (7 BW) assigned to the Air Combat Command Twelfth Air Force. The base is located in the southwest corner of Abilene, TX and is about 200 miles (320 km) west of Dallas. It is named in honor of Texas native and Bataan Death March survivor Lieutenant Colonel William Dyess. Mors Ab Alto – Death From Above.


Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base – is a joint installation shared by various active component and reserve component military units, as well as aircraft flight operations of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) under the aegis of the nearby Johnson Space Center. The host wing is the Texas Air National Guard‘s 147th Reconnaissance Wing (147 RW). It is named for 1st Lt. Eric Ellington, a U.S. Army aviator who was killed in a plane crash in San Diego, California in 1913.


Fort Bliss (Bigg AAF) is a United States Army post in the U.S. states of New Mexico and Texas, with its headquarters located in El Paso, Texas. With an area of about 1,700 square miles (4,400 km), it is the Army’s second-largest installation, behind the adjacent White Sands Missile Range.  Fort Bliss is home to the 1st Armored Division.  The fort is named for Mexican-American War soldier William Wallace Smith Bliss.


Fort Hood is a U.S. military post located in Killeen, Texas. The post is named after Confederate General John Bell Hood.  A 340 square mile installation (217337 acres), Fort Hood is the only post in the United States capable of stationing and training two Armored Divisions.  Home to the 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood is the largest active duty armored post in the United States Armed Services. Fort Hood rests in the beautiful ‘hill and lake’ country of Central Texas between Killeen and Copperas Cove and is approximately 60 miles north of the capital city of Austin.


Goodfellow Air Force Base is home to the 17th Training Wing and is a United States Air Force training installation subordinate to Air Education & Training Command. Goodfellow’s mission is to develop firefighters and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance professionals on behalf of the Department of Defense. Located on 1,235 acres near the west Texas city of San Angelo, Goodfellow boasts a population of about 5,500, half of whom are students. The base is named for World War I aviator First Lieutenant John J. Goodfellow, Jr.


Joint Base San Antonio is a United States military facility located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The facility is under the jurisdiction of the United States Air Force 502d Air Base Wing, Air Education and Training Command (AETC). The wing’s three Mission Support Groups perform the installation support mission at the three bases that form JBSA.  The facility is a Joint Base of the United States Army Fort Sam Houston, the United States Air Force Randolph Air Force Base and Lackland Air Force Base, which were merged on 1 October 2010.


Naval Air Station Corpus Christi is a naval base located six miles (10 km) southeast of the central business district (CBD) of Corpus Christi, in Nueces County, Texas. Surrounded on three sides by water — Corpus Christi Bay, Oso Bay and the Laguna Madre — Naval Air Station Corpus Christi has been home to Naval pilot training since 1941. Today, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and foreign student pilots earn their wings training in the fours squadrons of Training Air Wing FOUR, using NAS’ Truax Field and outlying airfields.


Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base is a military airbase located 5 nautical miles (9 km; 6 mi) west of the central business district of Fort Worth, in Tarrant County, Texas. This military airfield is operated by the US Navy Reserve It is the successor to the former Naval Air Station Dallas and incorporates other Reserve commands and activities, primarily those of the Air Force Reserve, that were present on site when the installation was known as Carswell AFB, a former Strategic Air Command (SAC) facility later transferred to the Air Combat Command (ACC).


Texas to Texas – Air Miles/Ground Miles

Dyess AFB to Ellington Field 381/338, Fort Bliss 445/388, Fort Hood 186/150, Goodfellow AFB 91/46, Lackland AFB 254/222, Randolph AFB  257/220, NAS Corpus Christi 407/361, NAS Fort Worth 157/142, Sheppard AFB 158/132

Ellington Field to Fort Bliss 760/686, Fort Hood 225/188, Goodfellow AFB 378/336, Lackland AFB 223/208, Randolph 203/187, NAS Corpus Christi 237/184, NAS Fort Worth 288/256, Sheppard AFB 298/360

Fort Bliss to Fort Hood 571/514, Goodfellow AFB 405/356, Lackland AFB 555/494, Randolph 558/509, NAS Corpus Christi 707/618, NAS Fort Worth 598/529, Sheppard AFB 586/483

Fort Hood to Goodfellow AFB 177/156, Lackland AFB 157/131, Randolph 137/115, NAS Corpus Christi 299/240, NAS Fort Worth 160/115, Sheppard AFB 270/201

Goodfellow AFB to Lackland AFB 212/177, Randolph AFB 216/182, NAS Corpus Christi 365/320, NAS Fort Worth 227/197, Sheppard AFB 245/207

Lackland AFB to Randolph AFB 31/23, NAS Corpus Christi 166/143, NAS Fort Worth 287/244, Sheppard AFB 398/317

Randolph AFB to NAS Corpus Christi 170/141, NAS Fort Worth 265/229, Sheppard AFB 376/307,

NAS Corpus Christi to NAS Fort Worth 427/351, Sheppard 538/440

NAS Fort Worth to Sheppard AFB 125/104

All Texas Military Bases

(with Interactive Map)

National Guard Units



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  1. We want to go from Texas to Hawaii. How far in advance do we need to make our request? How often are return flights from Hawaii back to Texas. We have never used SpaceA and could use all the information and help you can give us.

    1. You really need to read and understand how Space A works. Here is a link that explains it very well. https://www.poppinsmoke.com/space-a-flights/.
      As for Texas to Hawaii, Lackland (Kelly Field) has flights to Hawaii at times. Even if they don’t they go to Travis AFB CA. Travis has the most flights going to Hawaii. Hawaii (Hickam AFB) has flights back to Lackland, I’m pretty sure, at least once a month, although I have seen 2 or 3 during some months.
      As for the return flights sometimes Hickam has flights to Lackland, but also, for example, right now Hickam has 5 flights going to Travis AFB on the 9th and Travis AFB has a flight going to Lackland (Kelly Field) on the 10th. Be mindful of time changes.
      Let me know if there is something that you do not understand after reading the link I sent you. She wrote it really good, so it’s easy to understand.

  2. Hi
    My husband and I are trying to start a several month long journey traveling using Space A. We are in San Antonio now. It has been suggested we go out of Fort Bliss to North Island and catch the hop to Hickam.
    Can you please help clear some questions for us?
    Cat 6 retired with 2 dependants
    Ok to travel conus now (Bliss To NI)
    Do we have to put in a new departure request at NI to get to Hickham?
    Do we put in requests for each departure possibility or does one signup work for any departure terminal?
    Can we have more than one signup active at a time or does the lastest negate the previous sign up?
    Thank you for clarity. We hope to depart mid Juky and notice frequent flights to NI out of TX

    1. From San Antonio I would leave from San Antonio. Kelly Field (Lackland) has flights to Japan via Travis AFB and Hawaii at least twice per month (every other Monday) and often more flights to at least Travis. My wife and I have taken that flight several times and never had a problem getting seats. Now I hear that maybe they no longer go to Japan, but even if you can just get to Travis, that is a very good location to get a flight to Hickam. Also if you check the current schedule, it seems they have been flying to North Island quite a bit lately. No need to head to Ft. Bliss. Lackland (Kelly) pax terminal. The light colors are for Lackland/Kelly and the dark colors are for Randolph AFB (not for you normally because they do not travel your direction).
      As for departure requests, when you first sign up, and you should do that 30-45 days before you actually plan on leaving, (so you should be doing that NOW). You sign up for (in this case) Travis, Andersen (Guam), North Island, Kaneohe Bay and Hickam, at least. You can even sign up for your return flight just as soon as you leave a location on a flight. So once you leave North Island or Travis and arrive at a destination, you can sign up for the place you just left in case you need it coming back. It doesn’t matter how may locations you sign up for, so ‘just in case’, I always sign up for Elmendorf, Sea-Tac, Japan and Korea just to cover all my bases. You never know when a plane will be diverted. You can sign up for all via one e-mail (and be sure to keep a copy of the e-mail that you send) or you can sign up at http://www.takeahop.com. If you don’t use the sign ups, it doesn’t matter. You will simply just fall off the list when your 60 days expire. No harm, no foul.
      You can only have 1 request in at a time. If you put in another one, it will cancel the first one. That’s not advisable unless your departure time has been moved back.
      All that being said, a Cat VI traveling to Hawaii during mid-July is going to be difficult. As a Cat VI we are the bottom of the barrel and usually there are too many active duty traveling with their children during summer vacation. You might get lucky, but you should be prepared to have a long wait at any departure location (North Island or Travis).
      Here is the link to the North Island terminal page: NI Pax Terminal, they show incoming and outgoing flights. Also here is the link to Travis pax terminal: Travis pax terminal.
      If you have anymore questions, please ask them right here. I will be happy to answer any more questions that you have.

      1. Also you should try to make a billeting reservation in Hawaii if you are going to stay on base. Also at Travis or North Island, depending on which way you want to go. I believe you can do it up to a year in advance and it will be difficult. Those too you can cancel with no penalty, at least I always do, and I’m a Cat VI also.

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